How To: Properly Fill a CBD Pre-rolled Cone (Green Room style) ūüėé

Here at The Green Room we specialize in hand rolling (stuffing) all of our CBD hemp pre rolls. We use a custom wooden rolling tray from our good friend Rob at Leaf & Wood, a Raw loader and poker, our Green Room grinder and raw pre sealed hemp cones.

We grind our flower finely by hand and then start the filling process. We always make sure the bottom portion by the filter is properly packed. Not to loose not too tight.

After that we fill the rest of the cone by working the stick. Twisting it helps get the paper filled out evenly. Once we get to the top we leave a little extra paper to twist the top shut and then add our signature ‚Äúpinch‚ÄĚ where we flatten the top of the cone. Why? So it‚Äôs easier to light! It prevents canoeing as well. Bam! You‚Äôre a joint master!

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