connecting the NJ cannabis community

We want to empower the NJ cannabis industry while also helping people find the right products for them based off of what they need! Often, traditional medicine does not work or becomes too expensive for people to use in their everyday lives. Cannabis has been known to help alleviate medical conditions and improve people's well-being. 

While there has been a stigma attached to cannabis for a long time, we want to erase negative feelings and judgment while helping to educate people on the benefits that using our products may have for them! With an open-mind, we invite you to explore our legendary Green Room events! 

September Events Now Live!

Kick off summer with our amazing lineup of September events, guaranteed to make you elevated and connect with your community. We can't wait to see you soon!

The perfect serving takes a little bit of trial and error so be patient! Remember this is hollistic medicine and you need to be one with it.
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