How To: Properly take a CBD sub-lingual tincture

One of the biggest problems with this industry is most customers aren’t taught how to properly take a sub-lingual tincture. There’s a common misconception that you take this type of oil and add it directly to your drinks or your food. Some people even rub it on their skin! Completely incorrect. These types of tinctures are designed for sub-lingual use only. The reason? Your bodies receptors that absorb CBD best are located in your mouth. Having that oil under your tongue and directly absorbing into your palette allows your body to properly absorb the CBD content. Now if you were using a water soluble tincture then you could put that directly into your beverage because that product has a different bioavailability. That means your body can break this down more efficiently in your stomach opposed to a sub-lingual tincture that needs to be broken down and absorbed properly under your tongue.

The perfect serving takes a little bit of trial and error so be patient! Remember this is hollistic medicine and you need to be one with it. First timers, take your oil, set the mood, turn the lights off and put on soft music. Take your first serving and feel it work. Believe in the product and trust the process. Remember, most CBD users get better results taking less CBD oil during the day for anxiety and stress relief, and more at night for general sleep assistance.

Sit back, enjoy and relax!

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